Festo FST 4.10.50 (PLC)

Festo FST 4 es un compilador y programador de PLC's es muy sencillo y facil de usar, tiene la posibilidad de adoptar diferentes metodos de programacion como son la lista de instrucciones y la programacion tipo lader.

FST4 - The unique Programming System for Automation
Statement List and Ladder
CPX-FEC Configuration Tool
IF ... THEN ... ELSE
Programs/Functions/Function Blocks
Huge Set of Operands/Variables
Open Hardware Interface
Open Driver Interface/Open C Interface
TCP/IP Support
WEB Server

Unreachable simple programming of sequential processes in Statement List
The graphical programming tool Ladder Diagram is available tool
Both programming languages can be mixed
Easy configuration of the modular Control System
System diagnostics integrated
Actual – Nominal – Comparison
Parametrize and Go!
Festo plug and work
Programming as you think
Describe the process – and program simultaneously
Have a clear concept of SET / RESET
Program in relation to the automation task



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